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Amazing Grace -- origin and lyrics.

Sookie (Anna Paquin) Saves Vampire Bill


From True Blood.

Sep 2008 - New Zealand Air Force Patron (Bollocks Dept.)

Hayley is honoured to have been asked to act as patron for the Royal New Zealand Air Force. Hayley will join Diana Lady Issac and Air Marshal Sir Richard Bolt who have also pledged their ongoing support. To learn more about the airforce visit

Hayley Westenra on the Frank Skinner Show -- Quite Funny

Elizabeth Marvelly and Paul Potts, and with Hoki Hoki Tonu Mai.

Dreadful song, but one crossover singer that Gary will appreciate (Natasha Marsh). I don't know whether you'll actually like her singing, but she is technically good, I think.

Jonathan Ansell the latest tenor sensation and has done several duets with our own "renowned classical superstar" (NB Richard and Tony: I quote from the Henly Times).

The duet below was received rapturously at the Don Black memorial function and has been reprised a number of times at other concerts. It is a fine example of a male vs female shouting match, that's for sure.



Singers like Liz boost traffic and you can sell their albums through Amazon.






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Heading Two

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Singers like Liz boost traffic and you can sell their albums through Amazon. (I am becoming more shameless in my old age.)




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